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Wellness exams: We offer a full range of wellness exams that include school and camp physicals, Medicare physicals, well woman exams and well child exams. 

Xray services: We are able to provide in house X-rays for our patients using digital imaging. This uses digital Xray sensors rather than traditional film and reduces exposure to radiation. Digital imaging also allows us to instantly transmit images for immediate radiology interpretation should a prompt report be required while a patient is in the office. All of our films are over-read and reported on by a certified radiologist at no additional cost to pur patients. 

Spirometry: This is one of the most common lung function tests that we can perform using a device called a spirometer. It is helpful in diagnosing and managing problems such as asthma and chronic lung conditions. 

In office lab testing: For the convenience of our patients we offer the following in office lab tests: Strep, Influenza, Mono, urinalysis, pregnancy and vaginal smears. 

In house visiting specialists: We have a rotating group of specialists that see patients on different 1/2 days in our office allowing you to be seen locally rather than having to travel to another city for their services. The specialties included are ENT, orthopedics, and nephrology. 

Lastly, we are just next door to CPL labs where all ordered lab work will be done making it very convenient for our patients. 

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